Paper Checks: Dead or Alive?

Are paper based financial solutions alive and well, or dying a slow death? A recent Electronic Payment Survey conducted by a financial giant, J.P. Morgan, explores this essential question and uncovers interesting data: 51% of B2B payments are made by checks, surprisingly up 1% from three years ago. 94% of organizations continue to use checks Read More

As technology changes. We still need to have cash and balance a checkbook

As times changes, so does how we do our business needs. Whether it be personal or if you run a business. Recently, BB&T bank had a technical failure that resulted in millions of account not being able to gain access to. Account holders were unable to get cash from the ATM, teller inside the branch, Read More

Tax Time Is here. Order your forms early and save money on shipping

Can you believe it? Its already tax season. 2017 Has really gone by fast and now were prepping to do taxes for personal and business use. Each year. Tax forms do change, due to different tax laws and regulations. Its important to know the updated information on tax changes. I would recommended to get to Read More

Finding the best credit card processor for your business.

Opening a business is alot of work already, but as business owner. You would want to save as much money as you can with each business service you may need. Each Merchant account is different and has their own different fees associated with it. Merchant account can be expensive and overwhelming to maintain as well. Read More

2017 Tax Season is on its way. Prepare now to learn the changes and make it easy to service your customers or employees

Well. Its June 2017. Soon, tax season will begin and we’ll be working harder. Especially for accountants, or tax firms. Each year has new laws, changes. Go ahead and get ready now and learn. Training your employees only make it easier, and a successful season. Theirs no room for errors and has to do be Read More

Ever Wondered why banks will put a hold on a check??

Have you ever wondered why a bank/credit union will put a hold on a check that you deposited. There are several reasons probably. Its a out of state check from a different bank. The dollar amount is high, new checking account, and or the frequent of overdrafts or returned checks on your account. Keep a Read More

U.S. Treasury and IRS Extend ACA Reporting Deadlines

Affordable Care Act Reporting is still required, but on December 28 the U.S. Department of The Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a limited extension to the deadline of 2015 Affordable Care Act information reporting requirements. Read the official press release here: UPDATED ACA REPORTING DEADLINES March 31, 2016 Statements due to recipients/employees Read More

Marble Blue Bulk Blank Business Checks are the top selling business checks

Out of all of the business checks that is available on the market today. The Marble Blue Bulk Blank Business check the the top seller. It applies more towards the Quickbook checks on top than the middle checks. But the blue is just a popular color and is great for any business use. Use the Read More